The Helen Glover Show
Providence, Rhode Island
  Helen Glover of WHJJ Talk Radio 920 provides an in depth interview with Dean about inner city gang related violence.
Eternal from   Dean and Eternal sit down at the after party for the book signing at the Baldwin Public Library to discuss the finer points of bringing the book to life
Steve Jaxon of KSRO's The Drive in Sonoma County   Steve, a native Detroiter now in California, talks with Dean about growing up and surviving in the city.  This interview includes a pictoral slide show of his childhood environment.
Michael Jackman from The Metro Times   An interesting take from Michael
I Am Entertainment Magazine   Dean talks with the industry trade publication, IAE Magazine, about how and why he wrote Tears For My City.
Fox 2 Detroit   Dean takes Fox 2's investigative reporter Andrea Isom on a tour of the old neighborhood to discusses some of the different aspects of the book.  
NewsOne for Black America   A review from Terrell Jermaine Starr from one of America's premier news portals
The Charlie Langton Show   Dean sits down with Detroit's Charlie Langton on 1270 AM Talk Radio to discuss the book.
Detroit Deadline  

Detroit Deadline covering Tears For My City

Movie Show Plus  

Dean and Greg Russell sit down to discuss the book and upcoming movie for the nationally syndicated show "Movie Show Plus".

WDIV with Paula Tutman   Dean speaks with the lovely and talented local reporter Paula Tutman during a chance meeting at his former house in Detroit on election day.
Detroit News Op-ed piece   The Detroit News covering Tears For My City
International Interview #1   Dean gets interviewed by a Macedonian Newspaper after winning the 2013 Paris Book Festival.
International Interview #2    
International Interview #3    
International Interview #4    
International Interview #5