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Alex Boge :
I've had no hesitation in recommending this book (which I gave as a gift to some friends) to anyone who grew up in South East Michigan in the past 40 years. But it also helps those who know little of Detroit beyond the sensationalism or despair of the national media portraying it as a dying or dead city. There was and is life here; but how it got to this point and the impact of living in it upon a young boy as he grew to manhood is what makes this such a revealing and intriguing tail.
Suzi B. :
I am still in awe of what he lived through, and the secrets he was forced to keep as a child, and his survival throughout. Even after the difficult times, he still longs for the city, because it is trully a part of him.
J. Macdonald  :
Love the fact that it's written as if the author is sitting right across from you and matter of factly saying here's my life story and what a incredible one at that...You follow Dean as he makes his journey through the rough streets of Detroit where every turn in his life there seems to be another person or incident that happens in his life that would call most others to just give up and join the life of being a criminal but unlike others this is about one kid's perserverance through all of that.
Dr. Ryan E. Lazar :
"Tears for My City" is an extremely moving and introspective tale. This is a captivating must- read story. It is an interesting book for not only Detroiters and Metro-Detroiters but readers anywhere looking to gain an insider's perspective on what life was like during the 80's on the streets of east Detroit.
One of the most incredible stories of courage, survival, and strength!! I could not put the book down! Thank you for giving such a raw and intimate insight into your childhood. Your courage and resiliency inspires.
Jack :
Tears For My City, It made Me laugh and cry,I felt his pain and his joy and in the end his pridein his family and in himself. I always told my children, to do the right thing and things willwork out in the end. The author verifies my teaching.  I will make sure my grown children read this book, I am sure it will give them valuable insight in raising my grandchildren.
Barb :
The entire book was told in such a way that I was just taken into the book and wasn't let out until I finished it. It confirms what you've "heard" of Detroit--but forces you to respect it.
Distant Echo :
Tears for my City: an Autobiography of a Detroit White Boy is the story of Dean Dimitrieski, who grew up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit when gang violence reached its peak in the 1970's. It is a page-turning and deeply moving story that is certain to leave an indelible impression on readers.

Before living in Detroit, his parents decided that their whole family, including Dean and his sister, should leave communist Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia in the hopes of finding a better, more peaceful life, free from war and violence when they arrived to the United States in 1973. Instead, their lives are turned upside down by local crime and violence. When Dean and his family settle in Detroit, he encounters the most intense kind of peer pressure that any teen could be confronted with.

Dean becomes friends with members of the Young Boys Incorporated gang, who continually try to persuade him to join, which he refuses to do. Trouble still looms for Dean, who becomes friends with two of Detroit's most wanted drug lords. At one point, Dean feels like he finally fits in to his new city; however, a drug dealer named Ray Ray changes all of that. When Ray Ray shares the details of a brutal murder with him, Dean must choose between doing what is right and protecting himself on the streets, confronted by police officers who see Ray Ray at his house when he stops by to get water after the murder.

As the story unfolds, readers are drawn into the tragic downfall of the American Dream and the Dimitrieski family's hope for a better life, only to have that hope shattered by the rough streets of Detroit and the crime and violence that pervade them. This utterly compelling autobiography conveys its message and story through down to earth language, making it a must-read for readers of all types.
Shaine Freeman - I Am Entertainment Magazine :
"Tears For My City : An Autobiography of A Detroit White Boy" should be made into a movie.  Dean shares how his eastern European parents immigrated to the "Motor City" hoping to give their kids a better life, but instead they find themselves forced to move after their son, Dean, witnesses a murder and is labeled a snitch.