“People think they know Detroit. They think they can figure it out from a few sound bites on the evening news. The city usually works its way into a broadcast for being ‘the most’ in some dreadful category: the most segregated, the most empty, the most murderous, most unemployed, and even the most miserable. I’ve lived here most of my life. When I see those broadcasts, I wonder what everyone thinks about us Detroiters. They must think we’re crazy, but we’re not. They probably feel sorry for  us, but they shouldn’t. Those negative broadcasts  don’t sum up my Detroit. My Detroit is more. It’s home.”

                                                                                          -- Dean Dimitrieski





‘Tears for My City’, a Story of Survival Under Siege

Growing up in a city under siege by gangs and drug wars, Dean Dimitrieski sheds light on surviving in the most dangerous neighborhood in America in his autobiography, ‘Tears for My City’.


Tears for My City is the multi-award winning autobiography of Dean Dimitrieski.  In it, he recounts his experiences growing up with Detroit’s most dangerous gangs.  Dimitrieski provides unique insight into how poverty, drugs, and gangs interweave throughout the lives of children and families, along with the essence of the neighborhoods that become the backdrop of deadly drama.

Dimitrieski’s parents made the move to America for their children.  Even as they waited for their paperwork to be finished, they were warned that Detroit was not the place to go.  Dean began his new life in America persecuted for being a white boy in a predominately black neighborhood. 

His down-to-earth style of writing describes the life of children growing up in an impoverished environment that offers very few opportunities to escape.  His own harrowing near death experiences, the stress of walking a tight line between a criminal life and a clean life eventually takes its toll on him as a young adult.  He was treated for panic attacks and agoraphobia that stemmed from his life in “the hood”.

Even with all of the negative aspects of living in “the most dangerous zip code in America”, Dean feels a deep love for the city.  He has many fond memories of his childhood there that share space with the nightmares. 

Tears for My City won the 2013 Paris Book Festival award for “Best Autobiography”.  It was a runner-up for “Best Autobiography” in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival, and it is a best-seller on Amazon.

This opens up a world pervaded by segregation between races and riches. No one would imagine that life in America would resemble a war-torn, third-world town.  This book holds on to the heart and mind, exposing the dirty secrets that exist in the U.S.



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